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Unparalleled Project Management

Easily Manage Multiple Formats and Versions

Seamlessly upload, manage, and track various file types and project versions, ensuring your team is always on the same page.
Versatile Sharing and Collaboration
Flexible Client Stream and Download Options
Numa Studio ensures your links stay active indefinitely, making your music accessible whenever it's needed. Say goodbye to the frustration of expired links and the hassle of re-uploading and resharing your work.

75% fewer emails. More music.

Using Numa Studio has drastically reduced our email back-and-forth. We've cut down on unnecessary communication by 75%, allowing us to focus more on creativity and less on coordination. It's a game-changer for studio efficiency.
—  Jordan Smith, Studio Manager
Intuitive Collaboration Tools

Intuitive Tools for Team Collaboration

Leverage real-time feedback, temporal comments on tracks, and a suite of collaboration tools designed to streamline your production process.
Enhanced Security for Your Projects
Enhanced Security and Confidentiality
Keep your projects safe with advanced access controls and secure sharing options, ensuring your work remains confidential until release.

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