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Why Numa Studio?
In the fast-paced world of music production and collaboration, professionals need more than just file sharing. They need a platform that understands the nuances of their work. Numa Studio offers precisely that. With advanced sharelink capabilities, comprehensive analytics, generous free storage, and a suite of collaboration tools tailored for music industry professionals, Numa Studio stands out as the premier choice. Let's see how it compares to WeTransfer.
Cut the Back-and-Forth, Embrace Simplicity
Say goodbye to the cumbersome back-and-forth of traditional workflows, and hello to a streamlined, all-in-one solution.
Superior Sharelink Quality

Experience Precision and Efficiency

in Every Version

Multiple Links for a Single File

Numa Studio allows you to generate multiple links for a single file, each with its own set of permissions.

Detailed Analytics

With Numa Studio, you're not just sending files; you're gaining insights. Discover who listened to your tracks, when, and how they interacted with them

Streamlined Workflow

Unmatched Free Features
Free Your Creativity: No Limits, No Expiry

Storage Space

Start with a free storage space of 100 titles on Numa Studio, ample room to store your projects and share your music

Permanent Link Availability with No Expiration

Numa Studio ensures your links stay active indefinitely, making your music accessible whenever it's needed. Say goodbye to the frustration of expired links and the hassle of re-uploading and resharing your work.
Switching to Numa Studio was a game-changer for our production team. The ability to have permanent links and real-time feedback within the same platform meant we could iterate on our tracks faster than ever.
— Alex Rivera, Music Producer & DJ
Tailored for Music Professionals

In-built Commenting System

In-built Commenting System

Instantly receive and give feedback with Numa Studio's integrated commenting system. Perfect for quick revisions and keeping all notes organized with your projects.

Version Control for Seamless Updates

With Numa Studio’s version control, track changes and updates to your music without losing any previous work. It’s essential for evolving projects and collaborative edits.

The Professional's Choice

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