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Collaborate Smarter, Not Harder
One place for all elements, from the first note to the final masterpiece
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Efficiency in Teamwork, Maximum Musical Productivity
Master Your Audio Versions 

Experience Precision and Efficiency

in Every Version

Efficient File Management

Say goodbye to the chaos of scattered project files. Numa Studio brings all your project elements together in one unified platform

Simple Reviewing

With Numa Studio's customizable version statuses. Easily manage and track the status of your audio versions.

End Communication Chaos

Streamline Workflow for Rapid Results

Next-Level Feedback 
Simplify Collaboration with Next-Level Comment Management

Pinpointed Comments

Provide specific and detailed feedback on audio files by pinpointing the exact timestamps for comments, facilitating clear communication and effective collaboration.
Sophisticated Access 

Secure Collaboration with Granular Permissions

Tailored Access Control

Ensure security and flexibility with Numa Studio's tailored access control. Set granular permissions for each collaborator

Insightful Link Analytics

Gain valuable insights into your shared content with Numa Studio's trackable links. Track usage metrics, including who accessed the content and when.

All-in-One Simplicity

Bid Farewell to Tool Overload

Optimize Your File Storage
Take Command of Your Project Assets
Leave behind the chaos of scattered files and folders! With Numa Studio's file manager, you'll find a centralized hub for all your project-related files.
Stay Connected and Informed

Keep Everyone in the Loop with Dynamic Activity Updates

Instant Insight

Receive real-time updates on project activities as they happen. Stay in the loop with instant notifications.

Transparency Made Simple

Easily track who is working on what tasks and when, promoting collaboration visibility and ensuring everyone stays on the same page.
Simplified Metadata Management
Effortlessly Enrich and Manage Metadata
With Numa Studio's advanced metadata management tools, enriching your asset metadata has never been easier.

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